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Product name: Simple riot gear

Model: FBF-J-YH21

1. Material: high-strength, high-toughness, impact-resistant, energy-absorbing material (front chest and back are made of steel).

2. Specifications: Suitable for police officers with a height of 165cm-185cm. They can also be customized according to requirements.

3. Flexibility in wearing: This simple riot gear is the eternal 21 style. Based on the 20 styles, the elbow pads and knee pads of the riot gear are designed in accordance with the principle of imitation, making this riot gear simple and convenient to wear and remove. After wearing, police officers can flexibly kneel, jump, squat, run, pitch, and turn. They can be more effective in combating riots.

4. Protective area: chest and crotch ≥0.10㎡

Back ≥0.105㎡

Upper limb (counted by both limbs) ≥ 0.185㎡ Lower limb (counted by both limbs, including instep) ≥ 0.32㎡

5. Structural connection strength: buckle strength:> 500N

Fastening strength of Velcro: > 7.0N / cm²

Strong connection belt:> 2000N


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