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1. Weight: 6.5KG

2. Material: high-strength, high-toughness, impact-resistant, energy-absorbing material.

3. Specifications: Suitable for police officers with a height of 165cm-185cm. They can also be customized according to requirements.

4. Flexibility in wearing: This riot gear design is user-friendly. The upper body is connected by high-strength webbing from the back, chest, shoulder, upper arm to the crotch. The thighs, knee protectors, calf protectors, and foot protectors are similarly connected into one body. When wearing a police officer, put on the lower body first, and then put on the upper body, which can reduce the time spent wearing ordinary riot gear by 80%, which greatly reduces the police officers' time in emergencies. After the dress, the free movement of the two arms and the movements of the human body such as kneeling, jumping, squatting, running, pitching, turning, etc. are not subject to any restrictions and can move freely.

5. Protective area: chest and crotch ≥0.10㎡

Back ≥0.105㎡

Upper limb (counted by both limbs) ≥ 0.185㎡ Lower limb (counted by both limbs, including instep) ≥ 0.38㎡

6. Structural connection strength: buckle strength:> 500N

Fastening strength of Velcro: > 7.0N / cm²

Strong connection belt:> 2000N

7. Impact resistance: Impact with 120J kinetic energy, the protective parts will not be damaged or cracked.

8. Anti-stabbing performance: The front chest and back are punctured with standard test tools specified by GA68, and puncture with 20J kinetic energy, and the tip does not penetrate.

9. Impact energy absorption performance: Put the front chest and back parts of the riot gear on the standard cement, and impact with 100J energy. The depth of the cement indentation should not exceed 20mm.


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